One with the World ,
One of a Kind
Kalyani Charitable Trust

Orchid International School - OIS

Nashik, Maharashtra

Premier Co-educational, Residential cum Day School


Over two hundred thousand types of beautiful Orchids have a lasting presence on our beautiful planet. They are a particularly elegant type of flowers - making them unusual and exotic! When watched closely, orchids evoke a delightful sense of amazement, joy, refinement and innocence. As a school we draw a few essentials of our educational endeavor from this awesome evocation!

It can be said that our educational ideas and objectives manifest broadly at three levels. As the foundation we have the timeless and eternal humanistic values which throb at the heart of the educational culture and heritage of this country. On this base we attempt to build an ethos of learning rooted in scientific temper and objective inquiry. Then we would like to see the academic skills and knowledge emerge from this spirit of inquiry, exploration, and experiment. The student is encouraged to cultivate the right attitude by learning about the world and one’s relationship with it, and to develop the necessary capacities to meet diverse challenges in life.

Much like the diverse uniqueness of orchids, each child is distinctive, extraordinary, incomparable and wonder-full. Through quiet, unblemished and hopeful eyes children have been extending an eager invitation to the adults to look at them with the same sense of astonishment as what we have when we look at the striking technological world around us. This naturally emergent invitation has been present for adults ever since the first child came about on earth. Yet the mysterious beauty has not been recognized adequately by the adults around. It is painful how easily we miss out one of the finest experiences of human existence, that of looking at and into the child - eye to eye and sensing the palpable and clear call for a deep relationship radiating towards us. Instead, we get lost in the trivialities offered by the world all too easily. With the above backdrop in mind, our school has been fortunate to be the home for some fine human beings living on campus as faculty members with enviable academic, professional, intellectual and other credentials. Such a team of insightful committed and enterprising educators are associated closely with the children in the different contexts provided by the school. We make an earnest endeavor to understand each child sensitively so that his or her uniqueness is enabled to unfold. We are improving our ambience on an ongoing basis and in all respects to provide the widest possible scope for growth and development to each child.
We are clear and sure that the serious and blessed responsibility of educating children cannot be taken up without the complete and active understanding and support of the parents of our students. To bring about a greater understanding between the school and parents we have hosted two seminars on education for the parents during the month of July 2009. This and other such enterprises are helping the school to improve our mutual understanding about our collective intent. We look forward to having your children with us so that a meaningful and enriching association begins with you and together we commit ourselves to educating our beautiful children to be a beautiful part of our beautiful world!

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