One with the World ,
One of a Kind
Kalyani Charitable Trust

Orchid International School - OIS

Nashik, Maharashtra

Premier Co-educational, Residential cum Day School

Principal's Message

Since its inception, our school has been committed to educational and cultural ethos of of the sublime and holistic kind. It is the aspiration of many parents to see their children educated here. It is not just the quality of academic training that the children receive here that draws parents toward the school but the emphasis we place on all-round character development, the values that we inculcate in our students. The urge to see their wards educated here seems to be similar to the craving one has to stand in the shade of an old, large, canopied tree for shelter, comfort and protection from the heat and dust of the long road! Under the majesty of such a tree, they expect their children to learn and gather the required life skills and wherewithal to excel in the world of ever increasing and competitive demands.

Each earthworm expresses its nature by tilling the soil for its survival and growth without bothering about the other creatures at all, even its own kind. In the process, they have achieved a gigantic function, which is the survival of their species over longer periods than most other species lived on this planet. The contribution of the family of earthworms is splendid for humans and if only we could observe them closely!

In the last couple of decades, we have seen widespread changes in our lives and our society. The aims and objectives of education, the methods employed to achieve them, and the contexts in which we apply ourselves, have all undergone paradigm shifts. These changes compel many an institution to restrict their educational goals to fulfilling academic requirements and demands. There are very few institutions that aspire, let alone apply wholeheartedly, to follow a more holistic approach to education. We, while remaining committed to the larger aims of our founders, try to simultaneously keep pace with the times. Our long years of experience have given us a unique advantage to meet newer challenges posed by changing values and lifestyles. Our time-tested academic practices, the warm and stable environs provide the stability and enrichment essential for sustained nurturing of children Our attempt will be to give an education that is liberal and empowering. It can be said that our educational ideas and objectives manifest broadly at three levels. As the foundation we have the timeless and eternal humanistic values which throb at the heart of the educational culture and heritage of this country. On this base we attempt to build an ethos of learning rooted in scientific temper and objective inquiry. Then we would like to see the academic skills and knowledge emerge from this spirit of inquiry, exploration, and experiment. The student is encouraged to cultivate the right attitude by learning about the world and one’s relationship with it, and to develop the necessary capacities to meet diverse challenges in life. As we move towards our golden jubilee, we would like to focus on the following areas:
• To improve the teaching-learning processes on a day-to-day basis. To ensure better comprehension of the subjects (both at the conceptual and at the application level) and better performance in exams.
• To give adequate career guidance based on a comprehensive understanding of the capacities and strengths of the student.
• To deepen the resources and capacities of our faculty.
• To improve the communication channels and quality of interactions with the parents so that the child gets adequate academic, and any other solicited, support at home.
• To enhance our interactions with alumni members and involve them appropriately in taking the school to higher levels of achievement. With warm regards and good wishes from the management and staff to all our present and earlier students, parents, well-wishers and others who may read this.

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