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Kalyani Charitable Trust

Orchid International School - OIS

Nashik, Maharashtra

Premier Co-educational, Residential cum Day School

Message on Founders’ Day

Founder’s Day is the birthday of a school when we revisit its founding vision, which in our case, apart from imparting all-round development, includes imbibing in the students our ancient human and cultural values while nurturing a scientific temper to understand modern technologies and the world and its fabric better. We share with you the present status touching upon some essentials to give us an indication of where we are.

A good organization produces people or enables people who can contribute well in an orchestra, by playing melodious notes and songs through their proficient, effective, and efficient contribution to the organization.

School education becomes effective to the extent that we can garner and foster a deep and close engagement between parents, guardians, students, and the school. We are happy to share with you that more than 80 % of our parents attend our Parent-Teacher meetings. Apart from reflecting the sincerity and commitment of parents and guardians, it perhaps hints that PTMs serve the purpose and that you and our staff are able to discuss ways of working together better. As we grow from strength to strength in academics, we question whether our educational processes are adequate for our children to gain a sound conceptual understanding of the subjects. Do our students like to come to school because they find the subjects taught and the pedagogy interesting? The regular teacher learning and development programs organized in-house, subject oriented workshops by specialists, from within and outside, improve the collective competence of our teachers. We will augment the teaching materials through our faculty members and students. We are open to the idea of parents like you helping us with subject related videos and teaching materials. This will take the relationship between school and parents to a more meaningful level. The life of students is becoming more interesting with the number of educational and outdoor trips increasing significantly compared to the recent past. We had fulfilling times in cultural, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as well. We had recast our daily schedule with morning assemblies arranged every day. You will be glad to know that the assemblies are improving in format and content due to the active involvement of students and teachers. Presently it is the main school-wide educational platform, providing rich information of different kinds and an opportunity to every child and teacher of the school to speak on the dais at least twice a year. It enables children to develop different capacities and abilities. We deeply appreciate our students for receiving the inputs so well.

We wish to share with you a couple of important features of today’s program. Firstly, we ensured that almost every child, except the students of Classes 10 and 12, finds a place in the cultural program. Secondly, all the cultural programs are in the band of semi-classical to classical and the supportive music for all the programs are live. Lastly and importantly, we treat our programs as opportunities for students and teachers to learn, enjoy and grow up to be refined and cultured citizens. We request you to look at the children coming on to the stage to decipher what they learnt and not to assess their presentation. It appears that a researcher asked Professor Richard Feynman, the pioneer of Quantum Electrodynamics, and a Physicist Nobel Laureate, how he developed such acumen in science. His reply was that when he was a child, his mother welcomed him home after school every day with the question, “What did you ask at school today?” She asked him this every day. This aroused and imbued in him a keen and insatiable curiosity, which led him to delve deep into the nature of nature. We all must contemplate upon this. Our experience as educators confirms that we can help our children grow up well by asking them open-ended questions instead of monitoring only their quantitative achievement. Please encourage your children to ask subject based questions in class. If any of our teachers discourages your child from doing so, please meet us in confidence and do not tell our teachers that I asked you to do this! Thanks to all of you for joining the school in the difficult endeavour of attempting right education when the enticing and alluring media and consumerist tsunami is out to reduce gullible children and adults, into innocent victims. It is not easy for parents and educators to counter the strong detrimental influence of inappropriate idols and role models like most film celebrities and that of the media. Our children, and we, are hapless observers and victims of the people who consider themselves beyond law and unfortunately have the power to sway youth and society. How do we provide right education to the children so that they can think, discern, discriminate and decide free from the influences of the media, internet and films? Please let us ponder over the question.

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