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Orchid International School - OIS

Nashik, Maharashtra

Premier Co-educational, Residential cum Day School

Organizational effectiveness is considered to be a function of the strategy, structure, systems, and style. Research findings suggest that may not hold the key completely to effective leadership. However, there are good indications that, “where the psychological contract encourages it, a supportive style of management will lead to a higher degree of contentment and to a greater involvement with the work group. This is not necessarily the cause of higher productivity, but it is a good base to build on. Overall effectiveness, however, is clearly dependent on more than style alone.” While working on these four dimensions, it is also necessary for managers to keep in mind the observation of organizational behaviourists that “technologically, most organizations are doing great. On the human side, however, most organizations need to do better. There is no question that to move ahead there is a desperate need for human as well as technologically oriented managers. To genuinely like people and to want to work with them has become a basic prerequisite for effective management.”

A few of the guiding concepts of the management philosophy and approach at Orchid International School are the following concepts and principles.

  • Flexible and organic administrative structure, with temporary committees getting constituted and disbanded based on the needs of the school.
  • Emphasis on prevention of authority-based structures getting formed. Non-authoritative, decentralized, shared and facilitative decision making.
  • Strong commitment to the educational intent symbolized by holistic development and welfare of students.
  • Decentralized, empowered, enabled and well-nurtured team of staff members.
  • A fine and balanced mix of formal and informal Management Information System
  • Deliberative and participative management and leadership approach.

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