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Kalyani Charitable Trust

Orchid International School - OIS

Nashik, Maharashtra

Premier Co-educational, Residential cum Day School

The ratio of house parents to students in the junior school is presently1:10 and will not exceed 1:15. For the senior school students it is presently 1:15 and will not exceed 1:20.

One of the main features of the pastoral care is the ‘House Contact’. House contact, done twice a week, is when the house parents interact with the students to find out if they have any issues (academic, hostel, friends, daily care supplies). The issues are resolved by the house parent, with the help of the academic staff and Principal if necessary. The House Contact is also done one day before phone calls to parents or before the day of letter writing or before the short breaks and vacations. This is done with the intention of resolving any issues that children have so that when they contact their parents are not disturbed by matters which the school could have or should have taken care of. The parents and children can then have a pleasant and happy conversation.

Sundays are filled with activities for the children. They are taken in groups for short walks, hikes or longer treks by the sports faculty. On some these occasions, children and accompanying staff carry packed breakfast or lunch as required.

We started an in-house In-kitchen to prepare homely snacks and these are provided to the students on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. This provision will be extended to all days over a period of time.

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