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Kalyani Charitable Trust

Orchid International School - OIS

Nashik, Maharashtra

Premier Co-educational, Residential cum Day School

 OIS takes in day scholars from Nursery to Class 7 and residential students from Class 4 to 12. From Class 8 onwards it is mandatory for even day scholars to shift to the hostels by paying the differential fee applicable at that point in time. Any request on this score cannot be honoured because the intent of the residential school gets defeated in the weekly boarding system and certain new complications are observed.

Day Boarding

A day boarder arrives at the school campus in the morning by the school bus and returns home in the evening. Apart from classroom activities he/she receives certain level of academic homework help. He or she completes a part of his/her homework during the supervised preparatory class which is part of the timetable. He or she also gets to get an exposure to a minimum level of games, sports and other co-curricular and extracurricular activities. He/She is also provided breakfast, lunch, juice and evening snacks.

Yearly Boarding

A yearly boarder stays in the school campus throughout the term and joins the family only during the vacation. The child receives academic guidance and personal counselling as and when required. Various outings such as Trekking, Educational trips, field trips and visits to places of interest etc., and special intensive training in fine arts are arranged to keep them fruitfully engaged on weekends. Apart from the coaching and guidance in curricular and co-curricular programmes, OIS also caters to the emotional needs of the individual students. Our teachers form a mentor group to look after these needs. Teachers and Counsellors in the Academic Block and House parents and House Mothers in the hostel contribute to the emotional growth of a child.

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